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How I will represent you and your claim
I represent persons who have been denied their Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits.  I generally do not handle the filing of applications, nor do I believe that you need to hire an attorney to complete the application for you.  Applications require information on your work history, your daily activities and your doctors’ names and addresses.  You should call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213, or visit their website at to obtain an application for your rightful benefits.
If you are denied your benefits by Social Security, I will be happy to assess your claim.  When you call my office, you will speak with me directly.  I will handle 100% of your claim and I will not pass you on to an associate, paralegal or legal secretary.  Your claim is personal, emotional and important.  You do not need to repeat your information to anyone else in my office.
It is important to keep your appeal moving along.  You must stay within each 60-day appeal deadline that Social Security gives you.  If you miss your deadline, you will have to file a good cause statement explaining why you were late or you must start the application process all over again.  It is easier to stay within the deadline.  Besides, the sooner you appeal, the sooner you may be approved!
If you are denied at the initial application, and at the “reconsideration” appeal, you have an opportunity to have a hearing.  I develop each of my cases thoroughly, and prepare a “theory” of the case to put before the Administrative Law Judge who is assigned to your claim.  At this time, a massive backlog of claims at the Seattle hearing office is forcing a twenty-two month wait for a hearing.  As your attorney at your hearing, I will direct the case, make clear the issues, use my experience to understand what the judge may be looking for, present your case theories, and cross examine any medical or vocational witnesses.  A clear theory of why your claim should be paid, and a well-developed claim file, along with your testimony at the hearing will go a long way toward making it as easy as possible for the judge to approve your claim.  Just as importantly, I will work to strengthen your “record” in the event that any future appeals are needed.  Each hearing is recorded and the testimony is used for further appeals.  I can help to clarify your testimony so that your comments will not be misunderstood and possibly used against you in the future.
In the event your hearing decision is not favorable, there are at least three more levels of appeal.  These include the Social Security Appeals Council in Falls Church, Virginia, the Western District of Washington federal district court, and the 9th Circuit court of appeals.  I have personally represented claims at each of these levels of appeal on many occasions.  I believe it’s important to have an attorney who is able to take your case to every level of appeal.
Your claim is important and you need an attorney who will work with great diligence and compassion to assist you.  That is my goal for each of my clients that I represent.